Kick Ball Fly

Ball placed on the road or alley way, someone is selected from the group to kick the ball as far as possible. 

How many players are there in Kick Ball Fly?


or more Players

How do you play Kick Ball Fly?

These are the rules of playing Kick Ball Fly.

Before kicking the ball the rest of the group pick numbers for each person and one for the kicker. 

The person selected to kick the ball then shouts a number, if there are 6 playing then it's a number from 1 to 6.  If the kicker selects say number 4 then that person has to go and bring the ball back and put it on the "Hob" while the others in the group hide.  Sometimes the kicker of the ball selects his own number in which case he or she has to go and retrieve it!

The game then is about the kicker looking and finding the others in the group and bringing them back to the "Hob". 

The group who are left have to get to the hob unnoticed by the kicker and kick the ball again shouting "KICK BALL FLY". 

The group who have been caught are set free again !

Submitted by Brian

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