Kick and Batter

This game is for as many people as you like.  It can be played anywhere but a reasonably large enclosed space is best (a courtyard, gym or squash court, somewhere with an irregular shape is even better as it is more difficult to predict bounces and rebounds). 

How many players are there in Kick and Batter?


or more Players

How do you play Kick and Batter?

These are the rules of playing Kick and Batter.

You need a ball, any ball will do but a football is probably best (advanced players may want to try a rugby or American football as again it is more difficult to predict which way it will bounce). 

First off someone kicks (the kick part of the game) the towards the group of players with the aim of hitting someone above the knee.  The hit is only valid after the ball has bounced one.  If you are hit above the knee all the other players get to punch you in the arm (the batter part of the game). 

After the first kick anyone can kick the ball at the other players. 

There are no turns per-say but you are not allowed to kick the ball twice in succession.  If you do you get a punch in the arm off everyone else. 

There are no real winners but the loser is the one who can't move his arms anymore.

Submitted by Steve Claridge

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