Start by selecting one person to be 'on' - all stand in a circle with legs apart and feet against adjacent player.  Bounce ball in middle, it exits between one players legs - he's 'on'.  First player has ball, counts to an agreed number to allow other players to scatter, and the game proper starts.

How many players are there in Kingy?

at least 16


How do you play Kingy?

These are the rules of playing Kingy.

The first player 'on' can run with the ball.  He chases down a suitable quarry and throws the ball at them aiming to hit them with it thereby making them also 'on'. 

With two or more players 'on', the 'on' players are not allowed to run with the ball.  A stationary 'on' player with the ball passes to a moving 'on' player who tries to hit other players himself or passes to another 'on' player. 

Gradually all the players are picked off and become 'on'.  The last person 'on' is the first person 'on' in the next game.

Hits to the head or back of the hands don't count. 

Players who are not yet 'on' can pick up a loose ball between two knuckles and punch it away, but if touched by an 'on' player become 'on' themselves.

Has to be played in an agreed defined space, players going outside it are out of the game.

Posted by Steve Thompson

Other Names

Hot Rice : Submitted by Robert Tucker

Comment 1

Robert Tucker
Robert Tucker
2017-05-06 17:40:52
I knew this game as Hot Rice.  Slight variations; IT at the start could run with the ball but had to bounce it; if a player knocked the ball away, he could be caught.
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