Stroke the Bunny

Anyone any knowledge of a game called stroke the bunny.  The wording of which has totally been forgotten by my family.  We were wondering if anyone remembers all the words.  It went something like this. 

How do you play Stroke the Bunny?

These are the rules of playing Stroke the Bunny.

Stroke the bunny
Stroke the bunny
------------------------------------ and finished with
I will do the question mark and I will do the dot.

All this was done with someone's finger on the back of person who was facing away from them.  I would appreciate it if anyone has the answer.

Submitted by Malcolmswann

Comment 1

John Elmer
John Elmer
2017-10-18 15:44:55
Stroke the bunny, stroke the bunny, halve him quarter him, I'll put the the question mark, who will put the dot?
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