No Idea

Divide into two equal teams.  The captain of the first team stands back against a tall wall, feet apart.

How many players are there in No Idea?



How do you play No Idea?

These are the rules of playing No Idea.

The next member faces the captain, bends over and wedges head between the captains legs and holds him firmly.  The next follows suit placing his head between the legs of preceding boy.When all the team are locked tight and ready, the second team lined up.  The captain of the second teams runs and jumps onto the backs of the first team, as far forward as he can.

The aim of the fist team is to keep standing, of the second team, to get everybody on and collapse the first team.

Dangerous game.  Got banned at my school.  I've only known it played by boys.

Does anyone know the name?

Submitted by: John Conder

Other Names

Ship Ahoy : Submitted by Robert Tucker

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Robert Tucker
Robert Tucker
2017-05-06 17:22:26
We called the game ' Ship Ahoy '.  When all the vaulting side were on, they yelled out 1 2 3 Ship Ahoy.  If there was no collapse, the sides changed places.  You had to stay where you landed and not shuffle up.  in order to collapse the other side, you vaulted not only on but high, so as to land heavily.  another tactic was to land on top of your previous team mate, to put a lot of weight onto a single opponent.  Played this quite a lot, but managed to survive.
2016-11-19 20:06:13
In our part of the UK (down in the south anyway) we played it at our boys' school by the name of British Bulldog, the difference being that it was not played against a wall, but was replaced by an anchorman tucking his head towards his team mates.  The captain decided the placements of the team.  It was played in the school fields so that it would minimise too many injuries.  Because it was important for the first person to get as far forward as possible he sometimes cleared them all therefore forfeiting that teams go.
2016-09-11 04:58:06
I used to play the game when I was a kid in school, I was from County Durham and we called it Finger or Thumb.

It's called other names in the south.

2013-09-26 15:39:36
I remember this, we used to play it in Scouts, almost always ended up with someone crying, but that didn't stop the game.
I guess back then pain was seen as "character building"
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