Wink Murder


How many players are there in Wink Murder?



How do you play Wink Murder?

These are the rules of playing Wink Murder.

Cut out as many pieces of paper, about the size of a matchbook, as there are people in the game.

Write MURDERER on one piece of paper and DETECTIVE on another.

The Detective should identify themselves immediately.

Everone else should not allow the detective see their piece of paper.

The Murderer should remain quiet, even pretend they are worried about who the murderer is.

Everyone sits in a circle and the detective should stand in the middle of the group to do their detecting work.

Being careful not to be detected the murderer winks at people to murder them.

If someone is winked at they should let out a blood curdling scream and fall to the floor dead.

The detective has to identify the murder as quickly as possible before too many people die.

Posted by: David Radisic

Other Rules

The detective can remain secret as well and only show themselves once they have worked out who the murderer is.

Unfortunately this may lead to the death of the detective as the murderer may wink at them and then they are out of the game and the murderer wins.

Posted by: David

Other Names

Lonely Ghost

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Sonny Evans
Sonny Evans
2010-02-19 12:40:14
I have found that one alternative name is 'Lonely Ghost'.
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