Blind Mans Bluff

Select the person to be the 'Blind man' using any of the traditional methods.

How many players are there in Blind Mans Bluff?



How do you play Blind Mans Bluff?

These are the rules of playing Blind Mans Bluff.

They start in the middle of the room and then are blindfolded.

Turn them round anything from 3 to 5 times to disorientate them.

Everyone else must scatter away from the blind man and then remain quiet for as long as possible.

The 'blind man' now searches for the other players.

Players are not allowed to move their feet but can move their bodies to avoid the 'blind man's touch.

If the 'blind man' finds someone then he must identify the person by touch alone.

If he guesses right then that person becomes the 'blind man' if not then the 'blind man' continues to search for another person.

Submitted by David Radisic

Other Names

Blind mans stick

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