Join hands

When I was young I used to play this game where one person is designated as "IT", they cover their eyes and count to 100, everyone runs away and hides.

How many players are there in Join hands?


or more Players

How do you play Join hands?

These are the rules of playing Join hands.

Everyone can only stay within a specific area and if you go out of the area you are out.

"IT" will run after anyone they spot, if "IT" touched them then they join hands together and run after the rest but they cannot let go of each others hands.

When there are more than 3 people caught then they can divide but they can't touch anyone on their own.

The last one who is not caught is the King.

As I am Indian so we call it (Bandi Chain).

Posted by Arnavkharbanda

Other Names

Bandi Chain : Posted by Arnavkharbanda

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