Two Baller

The game is played with two tennis balls.  The player throws the balls at a wall while singing a rhyme.  There are different levels to go through then you repeat it using one hand with two balls. 

How many players are there in Two Baller?



How do you play Two Baller?

These are the rules of playing Two Baller.

Posted by: Deborah Allison

Sometimes we threw the balls under our legs.
We played in the streets of Newcastle.

Posted By Pauline

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Valerie Stanley
Valerie Stanley
2008-05-14 14:55:01
There ar dozens of rhymes - "one two three oleary "being the most popular in the 1940's
History buffs used to chant "In fourten hundred and ninety two - Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue - he sank his yacht the dozy clot - was that good, no its not!.
For a full selection see "Lore and Language of Schoolchildren" by Iona and Peter Opie
2007-04-16 18:47:29
Can anyone remember the rythms for this? I only remember 'Please keep off the grass JR...'
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