Through the holes

Most of the old maisonettes and flats on council estates had bin cupboards, the brickwork was always layed space, Brick, space, Brick.

How many players are there in Through the holes?



How do you play Through the holes?

These are the rules of playing Through the holes.

This formed the basis for a cracking game, throw a tennis ball at the wall if it went straight through 2 points and if it rattled in the brickwork and stayed there 3 points. 

Play this game how you would spot, so you can throw the ball hard at the wall at an angle and send your mate miles down the road, to hit the wall on his turn.

You can be caught if it hits the point of a brick and goes up in the air, this is usually applied when several people are playing ,if caught you are out for the remainder of the game.

Posted by: Kevin Bignell

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