A person is picked to be the "Queenie", that person turns their back to everyone else.  The "Queenie" then throws the ball over their shoulder and one of the other players needs to catch it or pick it up.  Everyone, except the "Queenie", puts their hands behind their backs so that the "Queenie" does not know who has the ball.  The "Queenie" then turns around and everyone shouts:

How many players are there in Queenio?


or more Players

How do you play Queenio?

These are the rules of playing Queenio.

Queenio, Coko, who's got the ballio?

The "Queenie" has to guess who has the ball through a process of elimination.  If the person with the ball is the last one to be picked, that person becomes the new "Queenie".  The player must admit to having the ball or will automatically be "out".  The player who is the "Queenie" must not look when throwing the ball or the "Queenie" herself will be "out".

Posted by Mike Toozer

Comment 1

2016-06-22 23:26:23
I remember this game, we would sing, "queenie queenie who has the ball, is he big or is he small or is he any size at all"
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