I don't remember all details and this was played in playground by girls (from aged 5 to 8 I was one of a handful of boys at a girls convent school). 

How many players are there in Queenie?



How do you play Queenie?

These are the rules of playing Queenie.

"It" role was known as Queenie and game involved her throwing tennis ball backwards over her shoulder where one of the other players caught it and hid it behind their back then all lined up and chanted: "Queenie, Queeenie, who's got the ball is she short or is she tall (there may have been more.  She would nominate somebody to turn around or do various actions to reveal if they had the ball, the best bit was when that person sometimes threw the ball up in the air from behind their back and mayhem broke out...  I don't remember more

Posted by: Justin Holt

Other Rules

Queeneo throws the ball over their shoulder and counts to 5. After this she turns to face the line up who all have their hands behind their back. the line up then start to take one hand at a time from behind their back, all pretending to be passing the ball from one hand to the other and the person who has the ball tries to do this without dropping it. As this is going on they chant 'queeneo, queeneo, who has the balleo, i haven't got it, in my pocket, i haven't got it not me'. The Queeneo then has to guess who has the ball. if guessed correctly the person with the ball is now queeneo. if not the queeneo has to do a forfit.
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Queenie, Queenie,who has the ball. Is she big or is she small? Is she fat or is she thin or is she like a rolling pin?

Other Names

Queeneo : Posted by: ceebzz

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