Water Cricket

You will need a tennis ball, swimming float and 4 or more people in 2 teams.

How many players are there in Water Cricket?



How do you play Water Cricket?

These are the rules of playing Water Cricket.

The bowler has a tennis ball and throws it (under arm) towards the hitter who holds the swimming float ready to bat.

The hitter smacks the ball and tries to get the ball over the other side of the pool.

If it gets all the way over the opposite side of the pool you get 6 runs automatically.
If it is still in the pool then someone on the bowlers team has to get it and throw it back to the bowler.

The hitter has to jump in the water and swim to where the bowler stands and they get a run.

If the ball is caught by any of the bowlers team then the hitter is out.
If the ball is thrown back to the bowler before the hitter has made his run then the hitter is out.

This continues until the all the hitters are out.

Once all the hitters are out then everyone switches and the bowlers team becomes the hitters and hitters become the bowlers.

Posted by: Lisa Darby, Harry Darby, Will Arkell, Jack Timpoly, Tom Arkell

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