First groups are divided into two equal teams.

How many players are there in dol?


or more Players

How do you play dol?

These are the rules of playing dol.

Making a big rectangle on the ground in which 4 rectangles are made inside it.

Those two teams should decide that which team should go inside and which team should stand inside.

The team which stand inside should stand on the lines of the boxes.

The one who stands on the middle line will be known as the "dol".

The team which goes inside should go the opposite side to them.

Then there will be an imaginary thing which we should assume as.

Then the team which goes inside should take that imaginary thing and they should spread that thing in all the boxes they should come out with out being caught of the opponent team.

Other Rules

If any one caught then that team will stand inside. Boxes are drawn according to the players.if 6 players there is 4boxes,8players there is 6boxes

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