Kick the Can

For 5 or more players.

How do you play Kick the Can?

These are the rules of playing Kick the Can.

One person, known as 'the guard', kicks a can in to the middle of a play area.
The rest of the group run out while the guard closes their eyes and counts to 50.
The guard has to spot people and touch them before anyone can 'Kick The Can'.
Any person that is touched by the guard is out and cannot help others.
Anyone who 'Kicks the Can' can help the others by distracting the guard.

Other Rules

The children select a person who will be on. This can be done a variety of methods birthdays, flip a coin, etc.

The person who is on stands in a drawn circle (with chalk) with the can in the middle.

The person who is on has to count to a selected number whilst the others hide.

The only difference is that when a person is caught they stand in the circle waiting to be rescued by the others either by touching an individual inside the circle or if they manage to get inside the circle and kick the can they then free all the occupants....

Posted by: Ross Podyma

Other Names

Blockey 123
Tin Can Tolly
Three Stones
Tin Can Copper

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