Five Four See Four

For 3 or more players

How do you play Five Four See Four?

These are the rules of playing Five Four See Four.

One of the players is designated "IT".

The person who is "IT" stands by a lamp-post, pole or gate post know as "HOME" and closes their eyes for 50 sec's.

The others run and hide in bushes, trees, anywhere they can find.

When the one who is "IT" has finished counting they try to find all the people.

If they see someone then they run back to "HOME" and shouts:

"99 in {the persons name} five four see four {the persons name again}"

If they get them they are "IT" next time that's if everyone is caught.

If one of the others touches the post and shouts:

"Five Four See Four Save All / 99 in"

And the game starts over.

The game continues until the last persons been caught or someone has saved all.

Other Names

Tiggy 123
99 in
rally 123 : Posted by: Ginger Iain
acky 123 : Posted by: Ginger Iain
oerky 123 : Posted by: Ginger Iain
Forty Forty In : Posted by: Jonesy127

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