British Bulldog

This one is a fairly simple game but has many variations.

How many players are there in British Bulldog?


or more Players

How do you play British Bulldog?

These are the rules of playing British Bulldog.

Best with groups of 5 or more.

One person stands in the middle of the play area.

The rest of the group stand at one end.

The person who is 'IT' shouts someones name from the group.

That person who's name was shouted has to prepare, waiting for an appropriate moment, while everyone gets ready to run.

When they think it is the best time they shout 'BULLDOG' then everyone has to run to the other end of the play area.

The person who is 'IT' must touch as many people as possible.

Each person caught becomes a "bulldog" and joins them in the middle.
Until only one person remains.

Other Rules

Split the play area into three strips, making the centre area larger than the other two. The two smaller strips of area are the safe areas. The danger area is the centre area. One person, the 'fire catcher' stands in this danger area while everyone else goes to the other areas. The person in the danger area waits for someone to run, and then they must catch that person.

The person who is the catcher cannot step into either of the smaller strips of area. If the person they are chasing is caught, that person becomes the 'fire catcher' in the next game. When the last person is caught, a new game begins.

Posted by Anon

Other Names

Fire and Ice
British Bulldog 123 : Submitted by Jill
Red Rover : Posted by Pam

Comment 3

Carl Bromwich
Carl Bromwich
2017-08-20 19:32:50
We played British Bulldogs a little different to the above.  We all stood at one side of the road whilst the person who was it, would stand at the other with his back turned away from us.  The idea was for one of us to get to his side and tig him without him seeing us move.  He would randomly turn round to catch one of us moving across towards him.  If he saw the movement, we were out.  Every time he turned, we would automatically freeze like statues.
2012-04-23 08:15:21
We used to play this between two small walls.  You were "safe" when standing on the wall.
2009-02-19 21:58:53
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