Scissors, Paper, Stone

Each player makes a fist and points it, as though holding a mug, at the other player.

How many players are there in Scissors, Paper, Stone?



How do you play Scissors, Paper, Stone?

These are the rules of playing Scissors, Paper, Stone.

Now shaking the fist up and down and counting 1 - 2 - 3 on the downward stroke on 3 both players reveal their choice of;

Scissors - Two Fingers Open
Paper - Flat Open Hand
Stone - Clenched Fist

Now determine who wins by this;

Scissors cuts Paper - Scissors wins
Paper wraps Stone - Paper wins
Stone blunts Scissors - Stone wins

If both players choose the same shape then it is a draw.

One point to the winner.

This is great to determine who goes first in something or who is it or who should pay for something, also good for best of 3 or of 5, etc

Posted by: David Radisic

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