Split the kipper

A game we used to play in the 60's, in the Liverpool, UK, area.

How many players are there in Split the kipper?



How do you play Split the kipper?

These are the rules of playing Split the kipper.

Two opponents stand a few feet apart facing each other on grass or soft earth.

One throws a pen-knife to stick in the ground a reasonable distance from one of the opponent's feet (if the knife doesn't stick in, it doesn't count).  The opponent then has to move their foot to where the knife is, without moving the other foot, pick up the knife and take their turn.  And so on, back and forth.

To win you have to be first to force your opponent into a position where they either fall over, can't make the required move (or can't do so without falling over) or can't get the knife (without falling over).

Posted by: Mike Boyce

You can agree in advance what the maximum distance, between foot and knife is, for a valid throw.

Posted by: Mike Boyce

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