Six Bricks

One player is the builder on the word 'go' he builds six house bricks (or probably wooden blocks these days) one on top of the other to make a six high tower.  While the builder does this, the others run and hide.

How many players are there in Six Bricks?



How do you play Six Bricks?

These are the rules of playing Six Bricks.

The builder then seeks the others but keeps an eye on the 'tower'.  If he spots someone, he calls their name and where they are i.e.  "Rosie, behind the gate", Rosie is then a prisoner. 

Meanwhile, if another hider can sneak round the builder's back and make a dash for the tower the tower can be demolished.  If the tower goes down then the prisoners, ie.  Rosie, can escape along with any other captive and the builder cannot 'seek until the tower is up again.

The role of the builder changes by agreement or when the builder has captured all the others.

Posted by: Anthony

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