This game is best played by larger groups but is fun for 4 or more people.

How many players are there in Sardines?



How do you play Sardines?

These are the rules of playing Sardines.

One person is chosen as the 'Sardine' using any of the traditional selecting or ip dip methods.

Turn all the lights off throughout the house so it is pitch dark.

'Sardine' must run off and hide somewhere where it would be possible for everyone else to join them, such as a large wardrobe.

Everyone else must count to 50 or 100 before they can try to find 'Sardine'.

Each person searches on their own.

If someone finds the 'Sardine' they ask 
"Are you the Sardine?"
They then join the 'Sardine' in the hiding place.

The last person to find the 'Sardines' starts the next game as the 'IT'.

Posted by: Dianne

Other Rules

Basically hide-and-seek but reversed.

One person goes and hides.

The rest count to a certain number before going to find the person in hiding.

When someone finds that person they hide with them until everyone has found that person.

The first seeker that found the person in hiding is in for the next round.

The last seeker to find the person in hiding is in for the next round.

Posted by: Brittany

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