This game is really fun- so stay patient and read all the rules- it might seem really complicated but its really simple once you catch on.

How many players are there in Fresh?



How do you play Fresh?

These are the rules of playing Fresh.

You need two even teams.  (Better with a lot of people)

An open area that's not extremely big but not too small.

The two teams face each other from either side of the field.  They have to be touching a 'base' which can be a brick wall or just skipping ropes. 
Each base has to have a jail.

When the teams are touching the base ('freezer') they are 'fresh'. 

Someone then has to leave the 'freezer' to start the game.  The aim of the game is to get all the opposing teams players into your jail.

You do this by tagging someone from the opposing team who is less fresh than you.

As soon as someone leaves the 'freezer' before you, you become 'fresher' than them- and if you tag them before they get back to their base (and without getting tagged yourself) then you take them to your jail.  They can only get out of jail if they get tagged by one of their own team members.  You need to get all of their players into your jail to win.

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Other Rules

This game is really fun with competitive people - but it can also go for a very long time. So another way to finish the game is to have a time limit of an hour or so.
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Other Names

Prisoner : Posted by Brittany

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