Dip Dip Dip

Everyone lines up or gets in a circle.

How do you play Dip Dip Dip?

These are the rules of playing Dip Dip Dip.

One person starts the chant;

"Dip dip dip

My blue ship

Sailing on the water

Like a cup and saucer

'OUT' goes one

'OUT' goes two

'OUT' goes another one

and that makes 'YOU'"

As each word is spoken point to the next person along.

As the word 'OUT' is spoken that person is out.

As the word 'YOU' is spoken that person is 'IT'.·

Submitted by: Steve

Comment 1

2010-02-07 14:14:37
there' also: Ip dip doo the cats got flu the dogs got chickenpox so out goes you =]
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