A leg and a wing

Two people either side of the middle one.

How many players are there in A leg and a wing?



How do you play A leg and a wing?

These are the rules of playing A leg and a wing.

They each take hold of an arm and a leg of the muddy person swinging them back and forth while chanting;

"A leg and a wing to see the king, 1,2,3"

Swinging them up and letting go so they try to land on their feet.

Submitted by Lesley Mclean

Other Rules

"A leg and a wing
To see the king
A 1, A 2 A jolly good 3 "

On the count of 3, the two wingmen throw the person they are swinging and let go of their arms and legs.

The person being thrown tries to land on their feet.

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