Street game.  Football tennis.

How many players are there in Squares?


or more Players

How do you play Squares?

These are the rules of playing Squares.

Played on the road with a football using the tarmacadem rectangles that made up the street as a court. 

Every player took a box.  The ball was kicked off by whoever had it. 

The ball could only bounce once in your square. 

You could take as many touches as you liked to control it and play it into another players square. 

If the ball bounced in your square after you kicked or headed it then you lost a life.  Usually each player had two lives. 

No hand allowed. 

As people were eliminated empty squares were left empty. 

It went on until only one player was left - the winner.

Depending on how many players and the gaps, sometimes we closed them up bringing players closer together. 

We often had games of this with player numbers in double figures.  Great fun and that's how everyone learned how to control a football.

Submitted by: William

Other Names

Football Tennis : Submitted by: William

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