You will need:

How many players are there in Pegs?


or more Players

How do you play Pegs?

These are the rules of playing Pegs.

- 3 dolly pegs
- tennis ball

Divide into 2 teams.
Rest two pegs against a wall with the third peg resting across the top of the first two pegs (a bit like a small football goal).
The first team stand about a meter back from the wall, (or on the edge of the curb if you are playing in the street).  They then take it in turns to try to knock down the pegs with the ball.  If the ball hits the pegs and is caught by the opposing team before it hits the floor then that team are out and the other team attempt to knock down the pegs.

When a player is successful in knocking down the pegs this is when the fun starts.
Their team then have to attempt to put the pegs back in position against the wall whilst the opposing team try to get them all out by throwing and hitting them with the ball.  Once a player is hit by the ball he/she is out and can no longer take part in the game. 
If the team are successful in replacing the pegs before they are all out then they win.
It's not that easy to rest the top peg on top of the other two when somebody is throwing a tennis ball at your head, but it's great fun.

It's a great team game and I've seen many a friend sacrifice themselves in order to protect a team mate who is attempting to replace the pegs.

Posted by Craig

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John McCawley
John McCawley
2017-08-20 20:28:05
Pegs was a great game we played in 1960s Barnsley.  It was exactly as described (as posted by Craig).
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