Two or more players stand on opposite kerbs, across the street from each other. 

How many players are there in Kerbs?


or more Players

How do you play Kerbs?

These are the rules of playing Kerbs.

A round ball is required (basketball is best but can play with football or maybe volleyball). 

One player starts with the ball and tosses it towards the opposite kerb with the aim of landing the ball on the edge of the kerb, so that it bounces back in the direction that it came from (on the full, i.e.  it must not bounce or roll before it hits the edge of the kerb). 

If the player hits the kerb, she takes a step off the kerb, onto the road and towards the other kerb, and takes another go, until she fails to hit the kerb. 

Once the first player misses the kerb, the other player takes her turn and so on, until one player reaches the opposite kerb, at which time she is the winner.

Sumitted by Cecelia Joyce

Other Names

Derby : Submitted by Gary Wright

Comment 1

Gary wright
Gary wright
2017-07-08 21:17:00
Very similar to derby but we scored more points if you caught the ball without it touching the floor.
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