A player cannot move while holding the stick.

How many players are there in Calpou?


or more Players

How do you play Calpou?

These are the rules of playing Calpou.

You will need:
> A stick
> A referee
> 2 Teams of 3 or more
> One captain for each team

The referee throws the stick in a random direction then the players and the captains go run for it.  Once retrieved players must throw the stick to each other.  Throwing TO their captain wins them a point. 

A player cannot move while holding the stick.

Whichever team makes the most throws to their captain wins.

Submitted by Keyarna Johnson
My auntie Bwalya Musonda helped me with it, and my two best friends Jessica Townley and Sophie Lewis who go to school with me at featherstone wood primary school in Stevenage helped me as well!

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